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The Waddles Family

The Waddles Family

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The Waddles have come to join the fun!

Size: 25cm/35cm options

Stuffing Inside: Ultra Squishy Cotton. We've been told it's a family secret, so no one knows how they made the cotton so soft!

This colony of penguins suddenly showed up. Why'd they show up? They heard they might find someone to chill with!

The only way to make sure they behave is to squish & squash them constantly so

they feel loved.

Just remember, these penguins LOVE chillin' around bedrooms & other comfy areas. They also love it when you squish & squash them.

Our Guarantee

High-quality, authentic material. You won't believe how squishy and nice these are until you squeeze one.

Warning: Once you squeeze one, you might not be able to stop. They are THAT satisfying.

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