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Cupcake The Unicorn

Cupcake The Unicorn

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Meet Cupcake 😍

She's so excited to meet you!

Stuffing Inside: Ultra Squishy Cotton. We've been told it's a unicorn secret, so no one knows how they made the cotton so soft!

Cupcake is Rainbow & Sunshine's (The Sparkle Sisters) favorite cousin! 

She's a bit on the chubbier side compared to her cousins but nothing too bad! Like her name, she LOVES desserts, especially cupcakes (Who would've thought :O )

Cupcake absolutely LOVES playtime and snuggles. 

She gets along really well with The Sparkle Sisters and has been known to be just as soft and wonderful to squeeze.

Our Guarantee

High-quality, authentic material. You won't believe how squishy and nice these are until you squeeze one.

Warning: Once you squeeze her, you might not be able to stop. She is THAT satisfying


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